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Momentum Sports Event Policies

Weather Policy

  • All races are rain or shine, we do not issue refunds if the weather looks unpleasant and you dont feel like racing in it

  • Any cancellation, postponement or rescheduling activity will be communicated through Bikereg email system. Please make sure you use up-to-date email addresses on your bikereg profile. If you put a fake or old email in bikereg, or have a parent or family member register you and do not receive our communications, we are not responsible for expenses incurred as a result. 

  • IF there is inclement weather that forces the races to be cancelled, then partial refunds will be given depending on the severity and impact the weather has on the overall event weekend. 

  • If you do not feel comfortable with this policy, please purchase registration protection through Bikereg to ensure you get a refund if you choose not to attend. 

Refund Policy

  • If you signed up for an event and can no longer attend, upon written request via email we will:

    • Issue a full refund up to 10 days prior to race day.

    • 5-10 days before the event date only a 50% partial refund may be obtained.

    • Within 5 days of the event, no refunds will be given for any reason. Transfers are allowed

  • If you do not feel comfortable with this policy, please purchase registration protection through Bikereg


Transferring Entries

  • Registrations can be transferred to another rider with no fee. Just email us the license number and category of the rider taking the spot. If there is a difference in price, the new rider will be required to pay it before participating

  • If you cannot attend an event you already signed up for and you notify us at least 10 days prior to the event date, you may transfer your entry fee credit towards another Momentum Sport event, given that the field you are requesting is not sold out. 

Payouts and Awards

  • We do not pay out monetary awards to categories below a Cat 1/2/3 level. Lower categories can still obtain cash primes, but will not get prize money.

  • Prize money eligible races - top 3 places must show up to podium for photo in order for the top three to get their payouts. 

  • Awards, Primes, payouts must be picked up before the end of race day or they are forfeited. We do not mail awards or prizes. 

Results and Disputes

  • Once results are posted at an event, it is the racers responsibility to check them and verify they are placed correctly

  • Results disputes, missing results or errors must be filed with us via email or to the chief judge before the end of the event weekend concludes. After the race weekend is over, we are not obligated to make adjustments to results. 

  • If you disagree with results and think we are wrong, please provide evidence for your case with video footage, other rider **witnesses, photos, strava/computer files etc. so our officials can make an informed decision. If you do not provide any evidence or **witnesses to support your case, we are not obligated to adjust your results. 

    • **witnesses cannot be teammates, coaches, spouses or family members. Must be an unbiased third party​

Timing Chips

  • In events where transponders are used, collateral must be provided by the racer with a valid credit card or photo ID

  • Timing chips that are not returned within 10 days of the event's conclusion, a $125 replacement fee will be charged to the credit card on file.

    • Timing chips must be mailed back in a padded envelope. USPS WILL lose the chip if you stick it in a regular envelope, their sorting machines cause the chip to rip through the paper. ​

  • Racers may NOT borrow, exchange, or use other people's timing chips, this will result in non-placement and forfeiture of results and points earned towards an omnium or series. This also causes problems with scoring the event, please do not do it. 

  • IF you race without a timing chip at an event which requires them, you will not be scored. 

    • At stage races and events where you use multiple bikes, racers are responsible for transferring the chip to the new bike. ​

Discount Code Use:

  • All discount codes are deactivated one week prior to registration closing



  • If you crash out of an event and elect to use CrashCred, you must file a crash report with the medic. If you dont allow us to document the incident, you will not receive any credit back. Exceptions are med-evac or required trips to the hospital designated by the race medical staff

Crashes and Damage to Equipment

  • Montoya Enterprises LLC dba Momentum Sports, its contractors, venues, partner municipalities and sponsors are not responsible for damage to your equipment arising from crashes at our events. 

  • Other racers involved in crashes are not responsible for damage to your equipment, regardless of whose fault you think it is. As a racer, you forfeit the right to blame others for the damage when you sign up for a race. 

  • When racing always follow the rule "Dont race it if you cant replace it'. Crashes happen and stuff breaks, dont go causing a scene and pointing the finger because you broke your expensive new bike. 

  • If you want to protect your equipment against damages, please contact a bike insurance provider such as State Farm or Velosurance. 

Lost and Found, Wheelsets

  • If you leave a set of wheels at a race, you are responsible for obtaining packaging and paying shipping cost to get them back. 

  • If wheels or equipment are left behind and not claimed within 365 days, Momentum Sports reserves the right to throw it away, keep it, or sell it. 

Anti-Doping Policy

  • We have a 0 tolerance doping policy. Effective in 2022, If a racer is found to be using or having used performance enhancing drugs at one of our events, they are BANNED FOR LIFE from all Momentum Sports events regardless of USADA/WADA sanctions. This does not retroactively apply to racers who have served prior sanctions for doping. 

These policies may be updated periodically, please check them prior to registering for any of our events. 

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