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Momentum Sports specializes in competitive cycling and endurance sports event production in the US. From road races to gravel to xc mountain biking, we have the experience needed to produce quality events. 

Momentum was founded with innovation in mind; with a plan to apply new concepts and ideas to our events that challenge the status quo. While we dont intend to rewrite the book, we do plan to provide our experiences and results to help other promoters with their events. We cant organize everything, nor will we try, but we can help other races survive and thrive in an ever changing environment. 

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What We Are About


Aiming to produce events that can provide a positive and valuable experience for multiple years to come. 


Constantly pursuing ways to improve events and do more with less. Trying new ideas and challenging the old ones in an effort to pave a new road for the future of competitive cycling in North America. 

Creating an Experience

To help create positive experiences to be remembered. Whether its on the podium, or in the parking lot, our memory of an event is more than just the race itself, its the whole experience that begins the moment you register. 

Coming in 2022



Credit towards your comeback. 

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Earn Your Way

Racing is expensive, help us and we can help you. 


Team Finder

Helping riders find teams and teams find new riders. 

To review our event participation policy and procedures see the link below